Welcome to the JT-99 network! If you are confused on what this is, today is your lucky day because I will explain everything in this message!

JT-99 is a project that links several servers together. When a message is sent in a dedicated channel, it will be sent to all particiapting servers' dedicated channel. This includes embeds, files, and attachments. Any messages that are edited or deleted will also reflect all of the messages in other servers, so if you fix a typo or want to add more to your message, it will automatically update in all participating servers.

How does this work?

We utilize the power of webhooks to pull this off. Thanks to how webhooks work, your display name and server avatar will also be shown as if you sent the message (except there will be a "BOT" tag after your name). The bot only stores IDs. No message content, attachments, or embeds are stored. More information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

If you have a server that's interested in particiapting, check our our How to Apply page. Applications are currently OPEN! Please allow up to 48 hours to process.

Want more information? Check out the features page.

How We Moderate

To ensure our network stays nice and tidy, and to keep our privilege of providing you of this service on Discord, we have written and actively enforce our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in accordance with Discord's API Terms of Service, which is a legal document requiring us to write our own legal stuff.

If content is posted that violates the terms, the moderators in the server it was sent in are the first in line for deleting the message. Once a message is deleted from the originating server, the content of the message in all participating servers are stripped. This gives mods the ability to takedown messages without having to reach out to anybody!

We understand that often, this isn't possible, especially in smaller servers. Therefore, we have JT-99 Moderators, who are next in line for deleting the message. Message takedowns can be executed in any server, not just the server that the message took place in. This means that our mods do not even have to join a specific server to remove a message! In addition to deleting messages, JT-99 Moderators have the ability to suspend users or servers who repeatedly violate our terms. This is to ensure that members and servers are following the rules.

The next and last in line for deleting the message is JT-99 Administrators. We are the creator and maintenance of the bot. We not only ensure that the bot is working as intended, but we are the ones that approve servers and review any moderation disputes that may happen (as we know that not everyone is perfect, and our mods and even we ourselves are not perfect)

If you believe that you have been unfairly suspended or you want to appeal your suspension, you may do that in one of two ways.

  • First, you can join our Base Station server and open an appeal ticket in our #support channel there.
  • Second, you may send an email to [email protected] and appeal your suspension there.

How to Apply

Once you add the bot to the server, you will be able to run the `/apply` command. Please note you should probably only apply your servers or servers you manage. If you don't, consider asking the server's management if they would be interested in participating! Trolling in your applications will result in punishment, please keep your applications serious.

After we review your application, if we accept it, congratulations! Your server is now approved for the network! We will contact you to inform you of our decision to accept.

What We Look For

Here are some things we look for in an applicant's server:

  1. Memberships.

    We typically don't accept servers with less than 25 humans in it.

  2. Following TOS.

    We may check to see if your server is following Discord's TOS. If it's not, that raises concerns for us, because if your members aren't following the Discord ToS in your own server, how would we know that they would follow both the Discord ToS and the JT-99 ToS? We also don't want to broadcast TOS-breaking content to dozens of servers!

  3. Activity

    Will your members actually engage in the network? We are limited in how many guilds can join, and we do not want to waste too much resources having inactive servers in the network! If we start to run low on how many servers we can add, we may purge inactive servers.

Once you apply, you can join our Base Station and go to the #support channel if you want to ask any followup questions.

After you are approved, go to the channel you want to link to the network, and run the /setup command. Just like that, your server is in one of the best cross-chatting systems on Discord!