Section I

The Basics

  • A. First and foremost, by sending a message, you agree that your content does not violate Discord's Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. These legally-binding agreements govern the use of our service on this platform and your use of the platform in sending messages that will be broadcasted to several servers. We expect these to be respected and followed.
  • B. You agree that the messages you send out do not violate any rules of the server you are broadcasting it in. Admins retain the right to punish any misbehavior that occurs as a result of a server member broadcasting content that violates their rules. Additionally, admins are strongly encouraged to report any significant violations of their rules to JT-99.
  • C. Administrators are not to encourage any violations of our Terms of Service, even if the encouragement occurs on a channel outside of the server's linked channel.
  • D. When setting up the bot, admins must give it the following permissions:
    1. Manage Messages, to allow management to take down broadcasts that violate these terms.
    2. View Channel / Send Messages, to allow the bot to read and send messages in the linked channel.
    3. Manage Webhooks, to allow the bot to create and manage the webhook that will be used to broadcast outside messages to the channel.
    4. Add Reactions, to allow the user to know if their message was blocked due to a user, guild, or global suspension.
  • E. JT-99 was built with the community of each server, as a whole, in mind, regardless of one's status in the server. Any form of exclusivity is prohibited. Some examples of this exclusivity includes locking access behind a level, activity, or server currency requirement or requiring the user to do something in order to gain access. Admins may remove a user's access if they are repeatedly breaking these terms. Tools have been given to both administrators and our staff members to punish bad behavior and to swiftly take down messages that violate these terms. Locking behind a verification system for the purpose of preventing alt accounts from accessing the server and/or channel is allowed.
  • F. When you post any content to be broadcasted, you give us permission to publish, publicly perform, or publicly display your content to all "linked" servers. You agree that your content does not infringe the copyright or privacy of others. To request DMCA takedown, email [email protected].
  • G. Should you decide you want to withdraw your server from the network, you are free to do so anytime. However, you must run the /unlink command first. Failure to delete the channel or webhook without unlinking will result in the bot throwing an error for every message because it is trying to send to a webhook that does not exist. We would have to manually remove your deleted webhook, which takes time.

Section II

Community Guidelines

  • A. Do not use any forms of racial slurs when broadcasting.
  • B. Do not advertise any servers when broadcasting, including the server you are broadcasting the message in. All servers who opt-in may allow their invite link to be public.
  • C. Do not broadcast any content that may be unsuitable for children under the age of 18.
  • D. Do not harass any individuals or communities.
  • E. Do not broadcast content to evade user blocks, server bans, server timeouts, or bot suspensions. Do not reply to messages from users who are suspended without starting your message with "$$", which is used to prevent message from being broadcasted.
  • F. Do not use excessive profanity when broadcasting.
  • G. All broadcasts must be made in English only. Do not attempt to encode any broadcasts in a way where only some users will understand it.
  • H. Do not attempt to ping everyone or here in any broadcasts.
  • I. Do not spam broadcasts.
  • J. If any content is posted that severely breaks these terms, admins should remove it as soon as possible.
  • K. Any harassment or hatred towards other global chat networks will result in a harsher punishment than other harassment (listed in II.D)

Section III

How We Enforce Our Terms

  • A. First and foremost, servers who would like to participate must get approval from management (also known as whitelisted). Administrators must agree to these terms before getting approved, and may be required to fill out a form to tell us a little bit more about the server they would like to participate in. No more than 50 servers may participate in the program, and servers may be removed for inactivity if they are not actively participating to clear up some room.
  • B. Servers that violate our terms may be temporarily or permanently suspended from use of the service, or removed from our whitelist (Section III.A). All messages sent from the linked channel will be blocked, and the webhook will be disabled, preventing any broadcasts from reaching the server until the suspension is removed.
  • C. Users that violate our terms may be temporarily or permanently suspended from the use of our service. All messages sent from the user will be blocked from being broadcasted until the suspension is removed.
  • D. Auto Enforcement (AE): We will be implementing tools that will be automatically enforcing some of our terms of service. AE actions can be a broadcast block and/or a temporary suspension.
  • E. Manual Enforcement (ME): ME actions will take place after a manual review of the content that potentially violates our terms of service. We may take down the broadcast and/or issue a suspension against a server or user.
  • F. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any user or participating server from the Service for any reason, with or without a warning.
  • G. Users may at any time join our Base Station server and open a support ticket there to report a user or guild. They may also email [email protected] to file a report there.

Section IV

Privacy Policy

  • A. Servers: When a server links a channel, we store the server ID, channel ID, and the webhook URL that the bot will create in the channel this took place in.
  • B. Users: Users who broadcast messages do not have anything stored outside of any active suspensions that are placed in order to enforce our terms.
  • C. Broadcasts: A broadcast is considered a message that is sent in one of the linked channels that the bot will broadcast to all participating servers. When a broadcast occurs, your message, as well as your avatar and display name, will be broadcasted. We will store message IDs that are associated with broadcasts, to allow us to quickly pull any messages that violate our Terms of Service. To keep the general nature of Discord, where once a message is deleted, it is removed permanently, we do not store any information about a message in a private channel.
  • D. Unless required by law, we will not publicly disclose any data that we collect or utilize.
  • E. All data about messages sent in the network will be deleted after 14 days.